Time, Cycles, and Life

It’s funny how the hours melt into days, the days melt into weeks, and the weeks melt into months. It seems only yesterday I was stepping outside of my car at my brother’s house, family in tow, about to embark on that brave new adventure called college. And now it’s November, I’m sitting here in the EC Library, but outside it’s dark, windy, and cold. I’ve made it through almost 4 months of college so far.

All those warm and eager summer days have faded and now winter’s chilling grasp is falling over Franklin Springs. Everything seems to be slowing down to a crawl. Traffic, schoolwork, friends, the weather. I’m sitting here in disbelief at how fast this moment has come. If this is how the rest of my life is going to be, then I’ll be retired and dead before I can say “hold up a minute”. Thanksgiving will be on my doorstep in just about a week. After that, we have just one more week and Christmas Break will be here. And after that, any spring semester always goes by fast, no matter what school or where you are. Then it will be summer. I’ll be home and enjoying my free time. Then August will roll around, and all of this will begin again. It’s the cycle of my life for the next 3 years.

This ‘cycle’ has been my life so far for the past 18 years, although there were some interruptions and restarts. Moving, changing homes, new schools, middle school, high school, different schedules. All those things were disruptive to the cycle, but no matter what, the cycle always continued. After I graduate college and am hopefully married, another cycle will begin. Graduate school, careers, family, aging. This is what I predict my future will consist of.

Is this the future that will come to pass for me? Will a crazy white haired doctor come along with a time machine and allow me to change what has been, or what will become? Do you like chocolate? Only God knows. All I know now is that I have a paper to work on.


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