Something in the Way

In my Political Science 102 class here at Emmanuel College, we watched a independent video about the current state of political divides among regular people here in America. One thing that really stuck with me that the video pointed out is the lack of any kind of civil discussion or discourse of politics amongst  just regular people, even among families and friends.

There is so much hate and anger that comes along with any kind of discussion of politics today, that wasn’t as prevalent 40 years ago as it is today. People rally, protest, and verbally abuse each other in ways that previous generations would have never dreamed of. Politics in the US used to be a social, civil, and actually political kind of events, where voted drives and rallies were the talk of the town, and everyone attended. Now, due to the disconnect from actual physical interaction between politicians and people due to the advancement of communications technology, people have become so apathetic to any kind of cause.

This is a major problem that isn’t talked about much. Seriously. Just go home and bring up any kind of controversial topic with your loved ones. See what happens. I’ll wait.

Back yet? Was I right? No? Well then your family is weird and oddly in harmony with each other. Anyhoo, ask your selves these essential questions Is this where our country has gone to? Are we just all needlessly dividing ourselves according to just our political view?

There is no real answer to these and many more questions that could be posed about this topic. People are imperfect, and as long as humans continue to exist together then people will fight amongst themselves. My purpose in this post is to get your gears moving in you head. To open up the can of taboo that is political views and divides, and to share that openness with anyone you can.

I can only hope I’ve had some kind of success.



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