Society Today

We live in a box our whole life, waiting for a sign or a miracle or some superhuman savior to come and make everything perfect, but none of these things ever happen. Before I go on, this is the reality that I want you to accept. That our lives will never change from an outside force, not in the truest sense. Only by changing our selves can we actually become what we were designed and meant to be. Some might be skeptical of what I’m saying as they read this. And that’s fine. They are like newborns, with eyes unused to the light that’s being let in for the first time. It takes a long time for a newborn to adjust. The reason why our society is how it is, is because humanity as a whole has forgotten common courtesy and disregarded righteousness as a “good trait” . Machiavelli figured this out a long time ago. That humankind as a whole are just a bunch of sniveling, cowardly, supposedly sane, and some times cruel beings at our very core. Don’t believe me? Ask a stranger off the street for 5$. See what excuses they’ll give just so they don’t have to give up a measly 5$ for a stranger. Machiavelli stated that the only two things that motivate men (speaking about both men and women) are greed and fear. Don’t believe him? Why do we go to school for 25 years of our pathetic lives? To get a good job of course. And to make a lot of money in said job. Does that sound like greed? What keeps us from walking into a bank and taking as much money as we want? What keeps us from attacking someone who made us mad? Fear. Fear of the law, and the punishment it insists upon humans for…well, being human. Our lives weren’t meant to be spent selling vending machines or spoons and trying to fix a society that continually gets worse. No, we are meant to experience everything that this place, this universe gives us. We are meant to connect with others, to love, to live, to die. Most importantly of all, we are meant to find true beauty in this world. Leaves rustling in the wind. The smile of a friend. Time passing. Rain. Wind blowing. The taste of a favorite meal. The touch of a loved one. A favorite song making us young again. These things are just an example of the beauty which is inherit to our existence that we seem to have forgotten how to truly enjoy.



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