On Life, Home, Choices And Other Things.

I was born in Morehead City, North Carolina. I’ve lived in North Carolina all my life so far, and I’m quite sure I’ll stay there for the rest, too. There is something about North Carolina that has always held it dear to my heart, and while I’ve visited other places for a short time, North Carolina always calls me back, and the situation of where I want to finish my education is no different. I just finished my application to North Carolina State University, and I’m contemplating where I stand in my life right now. Where do I want to go from here? I’ll start my answer to that question with this: where I’ve been. I’ve been a student at Emmanuel here in Georgia for a year and a half now, and after this spring semester, I will probably no longer be a student here. I still have family here, so it’s most definitely not as if I’ll never be back. There really is something about this place that has already carved it’s own little niche in my heart too. I know for a fact that I will never, ever forget the memories and friends that I have made here. But things are changing, yet that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m changing. Who I am, and what I believe needs to remain rooted in order for me to make this transition work. I’ve always held that living one’s own life on one’s own terms is paramount to maintaining true happiness. There will always be hard times, and there will always be good times, and to have a successful life, you have to know how to handle both. My personal saying on the matter is this: “You have to learn to love rainy days as much as the sunny ones, because the weather doesn’t change for anyone.” I’m finding that the weather is becoming more and more fickle every day, so maintaining my previous attitude is coming in handy. The whole point of this rambling is to say this: love your neighbor and love your life, even if both of those sometime make you want to put a hole in the wall. Life presents choices, forks in the road, whatever you like to call them, and you have to chose. In the words of a dutiful knight who watched over something where people made choices for thousands of years, “Choose wisely.”



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